Vacant Dwelling Insurance in Texas

Vacant Dwelling Insurance Covers All Shapes & Sizes

Whether you plan on leaving your home for a few months or have a vacant property, your homeowners insurance likely will not cover any damage that occurs when the home is vacant for weeks or so at a time. Bledsoe Insurance offers vacant dwelling policies so you can have peace of mind in case of a disaster that happens when you’re out of the home! Some of the most common of these include fires, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Standard vacant dwelling insurance is designed to offer you financial protection from damage or loss of a home that is uninhabited. Whether this is your summer house, your primary home, or something else entirely, you need additional coverage beyond a home insurance policy if the dwelling is going to be uninhabited for any extended period of time. The risks associated with a vacant dwelling are greater than those associated with a home that is inhabited due to slower emergency response times and increased possibility of vandalism or robbery because of the fact that no one is home. You never know who could be snooping around your house and/or what could be left on and unchecked. Unfortunately, something like a burst pipe could end up flooding the entire house if there’s nowone there to take care of it. Make sure that your vacant dwelling is covered from any unpleasant surprises!


Vacant Dwelling Insurance: For the Vacant Property’s Unique Risks

If something disastrous happens and your dwelling is uninhabited, your homeowners policy will not cover your losses. Most policies stop their coverage of your house after 60 days of it not being inhabited, but this varies by policy and we recommend that you make sure you’re aware of your policies restrictions.You do not want to be out thousands of dollars because you do not have vacant dwelling insurance! Contact us today to learn more.

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